Museum Displays at the Richfield Library

For a number of years, the Museum has been placing displays at the Richfield Library showcase. The one month displays have included “Weathervanes and Whirligigs”, “Organic Gardening”, “Quilts”, “Dolls and Toys”, “The Doctor is In”, “A Victorian Christmas”, “Wash Day”, “Food Preservation”, “Winter Crafts”, and more. These displays can be seen as you first walk in the library’s main entrance.
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John Casto Print Shop

printshop 4.jpg

printshop 2.jpg

                                                                                                                          Photos by Arlan Heiser

John Casto was the head printer at Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. in Akron. Continue reading

The Highjack House and Farm

Highjack House

                                                                  Photo by Arlan Heiser  (Picture taken with infrared camera.)

The last murder committed in Summit Co. for which the perpetrator was hung, was done in the Highjack House.

Continue reading

Pittenger Sawmill

Sawmill sign.jpg  Photo by Arlan Heiser

I went for a walk in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park one day. I am told that there are over a thousand Indian sites (mounds, camps, villages, ceremonial places and more) within the area now part of the park. I was dowsing for a mound that was supposed to be somewhere in the woods near Wetmore Rd. Continue reading

Knopp Farm Milk House


I remember years ago visiting the Knopp Farm, on Columbia Rd. Richfield Twp., Summit Co. Of the two homes on the farm, there was “Uncle” Frank’s house. Every winter he closed up the rest of the house and lived in the kitchen. It was the only room he could keep warm with his wood stove. Continue reading