~Bear Tribe Medicine Society – Seneca Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge~

Summer 2014


Over 40 years ago, Twylah Nitsch sat down at her kitchen table with her mother and grandmother. They decided that it was time to share the teachings of their Seneca Ancestors with the many native and non-native folks who were seeking a path of Ancient Traditional Wisdom and Prophesy. That day the three women decided to re-activate the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.

Over the next 4 decades, Twylah became nationally and internationally known for her sharing of the Wisdom taught to her by the last of the great Seneca Medicine Men, her grandfather. Many thousands of folks from across the Americas and from overseas listened to her words, read her many writings and books, came to the many gatherings she attended and traveled to her family home at Cattaraugus Reservation in N. Y.

I was privileged to have known Twylah from those early days until her passing in 2007. During those years of living and working on her farm, attending Ga Gee and other gatherings, driving Twylah to various events across the country (from Wyoming to Virginia) she taught me a great deal about Ancient Traditional Wisdom and Prophesy. And, in time, she (and other Elders) gave me permission to talk about the teachings to others. I never once paid her (or any other Elder) for those lessons, but we always maintained a good balance of trade and shared effort. I now offer the same to whom ever would like to visit us at our farm in Ohio.

Years ago I sought out folks to teach. We had gatherings here of up to 350 people for a weekend of fun, Prayer, food, Teaching, Drumming, Dance and Ceremony. But I found in time that many folks came here from their world of cement, and when the weekends were over, returned to just the same. I no longer seek. I just offer. If you would like to learn of the Ancient Traditional Wisdom, as taught to me by Twylah and other Elders such as Fools Crow, Rolling Thunder, Grandma Katie, Sun Bear, LaVonne King, Arville Looking Horse and many other Elders of the Hopi, Cherokee, Tuscaraugus, Delaware, Mohawk, Teton and other Elders of the People, please feel free to visit.



One day, an Ojibwa man came to visit Twylah. His name was Sun Bear. He said, “Grandma, I had a vision, what should I do?” Twylah told him to “Live it”.

In the following decades, Sun Bear founded the Bear Tribe Medicine Society, created a community in the North West, led Medicine Wheel Gatherings all over the world, spoke to thousands of people and wrote many popular books.

I spent a certain amount of time with him at the various gatherings and other more private occasions. I never became an “expert” at the particulars of the Bear Tribe Teachings, but I learned quite a lot from him, and from other members.

-Something I have noticed in the years since their passing’s is that other than the books written by Twylah and Sun Bear (and other now passed Elders), there are very few places anymore to talk to folks who knew them and were taught by them. In whatever way I am able to offer such a place, do please come.


You may contact us through www.ohiofarmmuseum.com  There will be no charge for any time spent here. Just come as you are, and maybe we will both learn a good thing. — Please also visit the website page titled “Other Campfires Were Here Before Ours”.

Nyah Weh, Pilamiya, Migwetch, Thank You