Ohio Buckeye Dowsers





Several different groups of dowsers have held regular monthly meetings here at Stone Garden Farm for some 25 years now. Presently the Ohio Buckeye Dowsers meet here the 4th Sunday of every month. We gather about noon thirty or so, talk for a bit, share what always proves to be a bang up pot luck meal (we are variously vegetarians and meat eaters), then have our meeting. Sometimes we go on “field trips” to dowse, sometimes discuss whatever comes up –latest sightings of Bigfoot or healing centers one of us visited recently or interesting “paranormal” articles someone has read, etc. –or sometimes one or another of us will give a talk on a healing technique or new dowsing method. It is always a good time. All are welcome to attend. We are always ready, willing and happy to help everyone, especially “first timers,” learn the ancient and very useful skill and art of dowsing.

Call 1-330-659-3507 for more information.

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