The Museum has had a number of movies shot on its grounds. Subjects have included “Cowboys & Indians”, film noir, fantasy, mystery, 19th Cent. drama, and several music videos.

The museum and its surrounding grounds offer a variety of settings including open fields, managed and natural growth woods, a 19th Cent. village, barns, many craft & trades shops, a variety of farm animals including cows, chickens, sheep, pigs and more, and a 19th Cent. furnished house.

The museum also offers in its collections -thousands of articles of daily farm and homestead life, including a variety of costumes. The more than 25 shops include cigar, bicycle, weaving, wood working, blacksmith, tin making, rope & broom making, barrel making, a bakery, clock shop and more. There is also a Gen’l Store, Post Office, school house and a doctor’s office. A church will be added Fall of 2019.

The museum has two outdoor pavilions, rest room facilities, and ample indoor space, for changing and makeup. There is also ample close in parking space for cars and trucks alike. The museum is available year ’round, by the day, week or longer. This is an excellent location, with reliant and reliable managers. Local extras and actors are available. Nearby quality restaurants and hotels are within just minutes.

Please contact:

Jim Fry

Museum of Western Reserve Farms & Equipment. Richfield, Ohio. 1-330-212-9934.