Moving Day

The very first building we moved to the museum was the Eastwood/Rooy Slaughter House. At the time I never guessed the farm would become a village and museum, home to over 40 buildings, so the “Eastwood” was put next to the drive in a very prominent spot. For several years it served as shelter for my metal art making activities, then was returned to its original use as last home for visiting cows and pigs.

It has long bothered me to have a slaughter house in so central a spot, no Western Reserve town would have been arranged so. It really belonged with the other animal buildings, not next to the school.

So finally today, we jacked up the “Rooy”, hung it from a wagon and moved it behind the barn, near the chicken coops and next to the pig pens. It looks much better there, and the village looks far better with its new, unobstructed view.

P.S. For more info. about moving buildings, stop on by sometime. We’ll be glad to describe in detail how its done. —Or maybe, you could help move the next building.

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