Randolph Post Office

Post Office under restoration
split PO2.jpg
Moving day. Building arrives from Randolph.
(Photos by Arlan Heiser, photo curator)
I had a lucky accident happen last spring (March 2010). Someone stopped by to look at the museum. While we talked he mentioned he had bought the Randolph Feed Mill, 33 miles east of here. It’s been closed for a number of years, but there was a time when I weighed pumpkins there. The gentleman said he was tearing down the mill to make way for a new restaurant. And he said that years ago, –many years ago, the previous owners had moved the town’s original post office (the gov’t had moved its office to a larger building) and attached it to the side of the mill. They then turned the former post office into the scale room for the millhand who weighed the various farm produce delivered by farm trucks, tractors and wagons as farmers brought their years work to the mill. The visitor asked if I was interested in moving the post office. I was there the next day.

First I pulled out the shelves that had been built in the interior, swept out years of dirt, and spent some time (with permission) searching the mill for any left behind signs, feed sacks or equipment. I actually found a number of things that are now on display in the tractor display barn which I built in the fall of ’09 on to the south side of the main barn.

….more to follow.

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