It’s been a while. Happy Spring.

A great deal has happened since the last time I posted. Family members have passed, including our loved mother, Frieda Mae Fry. Others have married. New babies have joined our family. And we’ve all grown a bit older, and hopefully wiser. I have remarried and now have a total of four children, with another due soon. Life is certainly unexpected and joyful.

The museum and farm have grown greatly as well. We’ve moved 39 buildings, outhouses and windmills here so far. There are now 5 organic gardens, fields of hay, watercress filled springs, cattle, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, lots of barn cats and even a new puppy. And lots of folks come to stay for long or short visits, and to volunteer on the many museum projects.

We have also established Heritage Home School, in conjunction with the museum and farm. We offer many and varied classes on the traditional skills and arts of the times before electricity. Please click on the right side of the page for a “web address” for the school.

–P.S. Concerning the long break in posting’s. Several years ago this website disappeared into some electronic blackhole of its own devices. It was just ..gone. Then one day, some years later, there it was again. This is all a mystery to me. I can finger type, which is about the extent of my knowledge of this modern age. I’m much better with spider webs than I am with wide world webs.

(—As a later added P.P.S. On June 9th our family grew to 5 children, with the birth of of Aurelia Adalyn-Mae Fry. Yeah !!)

~~~So now to the more complete listings of all the new additions to the museum.

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