The Winter of 2014/2015



It’s almost mid-March and there’s plenty of cleaning up to do from this (almost) passed winter. During February we never had a day above freezing. As a consequence, the snow just continued to build up. The result of that was that we had our first ever building collapse.

One morning I went out to feed the animals and there was the Harness Shop fallen into ruin. Unfortunately, the temp. that day and for the week following was in the single digits. It was just too cold to work outside. But finally it warmed up a bit and good friend and constant museum helper, Mendy, and my nephew Mike came over to help start the clean-up. The first day we managed to pull out from under the fallen roof several sewing machines and lots of harness. The next day we dug snow all day. What a job. It was 2′ thick and packed and heavy. We had to move it a shovel at a time and load it into wheel barrows to haul away.

It’s been several days now of hard work tearing apart the building,¬†getting the space ready to build anew and saving the many machines and gear of the shop. We’ve moved it all into the old gen’l store and will set it up soon as the “new” harness shop. The space where the original harness shop was will become an expanded addition to the tractor and motorized farm equipment display.

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