Newest addition to our buildings.

This week we were given the Darrowville Post Office. Darrowville was a small town located between Hudson and Stow, in Summit Co. Most of the major business buildings were along Darrow Rd,. which is now generally called Rt. 91. When 91 was widened some years ago many of the large old trees were cut down and many of the houses and other buildings were lost. Fortunately, the post office was moved farther back off the road and became an antique and used book store.

The Post Office now resides on the property of Empire Auto. The car dealership has decided to expand their parking lot so the building must go by this Spring. They had many (some quite lucrative) offers to purchase & move the building, but again very fortunately the owner, Chris Bokash, decided that moving the historic building to the museum was most important.

We’ll put in the new foundation for the building here at the museum. Then when we’re ready for the move we plan on removing the roof, rafters and end peaks, then we’ll jack up the building and back a trailer under it. And off down 303 we’ll go, …some early morning when there is little traffic.

At this point we are unsure how the building will be used. As much as we are able we restore buildings to their original use and look. But since the museum already displays the fully restored and equipped Randolph Post Office, we may decide the Darrowville P.O. has a different destiny. Presently one possibility is to locate the Blaine-Stewart Cigar Store (and factory) in the Darrowville building. We will, of course, affix a plaque to the building memorializing its history if we should use it for any other purpose than its original use.

P.S. We are very grateful to Chris. He’s a great guy. If you need a used or new car, we suggest you give Empire Auto a call. …And to those so inclined, we could certainly use some volunteer help in moving and restoring this historic building (or any other we save in the future).

UPDATE:  6/27  The Post Office is now home to the museum. The foundation is in and the back half of the building is set down on it. The front of the building will shortly join it and then the roof will be put back on. When finished, present plans for the building is for it to house the Blaine Stewart Cigar Factory.

UPDATE: 2/13/15  Well, the building is nearly finished and the roof back on. But it nearly killed me doing it. August 8, 2014 I was on the roof nailing things together and got really tired. A few hours later I was flat on my back, followed soon by open heart triple bypass surgery. I got out of the hospital Aug. 29th which (I am told) was an exceptionally long stay in intensive care. I was back on the roof  by early Oct. (AMA) and got her buttoned up for winter. I’m looking forward to getting the last bits done this spring so I can move on to other projects & buildings.

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