A new acquistion !!



The museum has just acquired a 1934 REO Fire Truck. This pumper truck was purchased by the Richfield Township Fire Department in 1934. When its usefulness had passed, the truck disappeared into history. About 20 years ago a number of retired Bath & Richfield fire fighters rediscovered the truck sitting in the backyard of a house in Akron. After they removed a tree that had grown up through the chassis, the truck was returned to Richfield and restored. It was then put on display behind the Town Hall, in a pavilion shaped like the original town firehouse. The truck served for a number of years as an exciting piece of equipment for childrens play while their siblings played ball on the nearby sports fields.

After affording a number of happy years of exploration and amusement, the Village decided to once again dispose of the truck due to liability issues (imho, there are far too many lawyers). The truck was again an orphan and was left to decline in a local field.

Now at long last, Richfield’s 1934 Pumper Fire Truck has found a permanent home. It will be once more fully restored and a “new” fire station will be built as its home.

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