“New” Gen’l Store

The Museum is pleased to announce that, at long last, the Hamburg Horseshoeing and Jobbing building from Independence in Cuyahoga County, has transformed into the Hamburg Gen’l Store.

The building, which was originally a transition blacksmith shop in the center of old Independence (Mr. Hamburg originally shod horses and made repairs on buggies and wagons, then progressed into very early car repair as they were invented and came on the market.). The shop was two stories tall and 20×40 foot on a side. It had a later, smaller addition attached to one end.

The Museum purchased the building for $1.00 from the City of Independence, and moved it here several years ago. Because of the constant work of restoring the many other buildings moved here every year (we average 3 or 4 a year), we simply didn’t get the Hamburg finished and usable until this past Thanksgiving. We lowered the roof to be more compatible with the rest of the museum buildings and added a porch and a fireplace, but otherwise the building is much as it was when it stood on its original site. The back door is the same, the windows still open in their original locations, and the wonderful wood stairs and closet under still provide access to the second floor (now attic). Of perhaps special note are the Eastwood Gen’l Store shelves. Richfield has had quite a few stores over the years, including the Sykes Grocery at 21 & 303, Damon’s on 303 just west of center, and Eastwood’s next to the Underground (now Richfield Tavern in town center). The Museum has the last bit of Eastwood’s store, the green painted hanging shelves. They once again serve to hold (antique) grocery items “for sale”.

There’s still more to be done once the Christmas season is over, including more shelving and a permanent fireplace, but it’s a wonderful place to visit and shop for the many farm and museum products and hand crafted local gifts you will find on display.

P.S. If you click on individual picture, picture size will increase for better, more detailed, view.


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