Night Painting at the Museum

The Museum is open with no admission to everyone who wishes to visit. We are open seven days a week, daylight hours. Certainly during the Winter there are fewer visitors, but for most of the year it is a very rare day folks aren’t touring the grounds.

One of the things we most like to do is welcome historic societies, groups that like to visit historic homes, antique car clubs, woodworking groups, Dowsers, retirement village folks, photography clubs and many others,. Sometimes they come to just look around, and sometimes they will make a day of it with meetings and picnics and talks or lectures. We welcome them all at no charge.

The pictures above were taken this past Summer by a local photography group. They like to take night photos using extended lens exposures and a variety of lights in order to achieve an effect called “night painting”. On this particular, actually quite dark, night they took pictures until 3 in the morning. We were/are glad they came.

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