Vallen Farm Outhouse


I received a call from one of the local golf courses. It was time to move the outhouse that had been standing for years near one of the greens. It’s a nice little building, but it hadn’t been usable for years. Fortunately, the paint was kept up, and the roof was good. I guess it was just a little too “old timey” for these more modern days. Ward Cox and I took one of his trailers over, backed up to a building, and tipped it over on its side. I positioned a couple bales of hay so when it fell over it hardly got a scratch.

When we got it home, I called one of the local “old guys” who knew about as much as anybody around town about the days gone by. Turned out that the golf course was originally the Vallen Farm. And the outhouse was simply what you used before all the advent of all fancy facilities we have these days.

The museum has several outhouses now. One was on the Stouffer Farm, which was originally the Wheatly Farm. That convenience has four “seats” (people must have been “friendlier” a hundred years ago). This outhouse has two seats. One is at the normal adult heigth, and beside it is a much lower seat for a child.

The museum has had several occasions when visitors thought this outhouse was “in use”. Happily, we caught them before anything of a somewhat unfortunate nature occured.

The Vallen Farm (now Lone Pine Golf Course) was at 3770 Broadview Rd. Richfield Twp. They had a dairy herd and sold milk to Akron Pure Milk company. The house remains, the barn (and now the outhouse) is gone.

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